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1/2 cup all purpose flour1 cup white sugar2 fresh eggs1/2 cup butter1/2 cup peanut1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 cup chocolate chips1 cup fresh cream1/2 teaspoon salt


In a medium size bowl beat eggs and sugar with the help of electric beater and make a smooth mixture of it. After its add cream [8]in it and beat well.

In another bowl put all purpose flour and salt and mix it well in eggs and cream mixture. Now add vanilla extract and butter in it. And stir it well until it becomes a smooth mixture without having any lumps. It should be like a loaf of bread / dough [6]neither so thin nor so thick.

Now your mixture is ready so roll this and make small sizes of dough. Now on these small sizes dough spread chocolate chips and peanut chips on it [1]

When its done put these raw cookies tray in preheated oven for baking around 10 to 15 minutes. But one thing always remember that when you are baking you…

Healthy desi egg halwa in breakfast

Healthy desi egg halwa in breakfast
Recipe ingredients of healthy desi egg halwa in breakfast are mentioned below, but some tasty tips of making egg hava will i share with you so you almostly knows that egg halva is cook with desi egg or white egg so my first tip is if you will make egg halwa with light brown shell egg called desi egg then it will be so healthy and will rich in many nutrients and vitamins but don't worry it was just my suggestion to get more health benefits from desi egg halwa or desi anda halwa but you can make this desi egg halva with both types of eggs which one egg is available in your refrigerator and second tip is to use powder milk instead of liquid milk because condensed milk powder dry sequently when adding egg on stove but remember it can be burn instantly if you don't stir it continously, so lets move to our tasty recipe of desi egg halwa which is most often eat in winter season,

dish can be served to 2 people Desi egg halwa recipe ingredients :3 la…

Not bake but halva Pumpkin pie recipe

Not bake but halva Pumpkin pie recipe

Yeah of course not bake but spicy Pumpkin pie recipe how it's possible you listen this from few of them but here i will really make cooked pumpkin pie recipe not baked so let's starts our recipe,

Halva Pumpkin pie recipe ingredients


Fresh Pumpkin 1/2 kg
Sugar half cup
1 tbsp oil or vegetable ghee
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Method of making halva Pumpkin pie recipe

Peel the skin of pumpkin , cut pumpkin in small size, then wash it and let it to boil for half an hour by adding one cup of water when it lightly softener then remove it from heat and leave it to cooled,

When it cooled down then grind it in chopper or use electric grinder to grind it well , after doing this , switch on stove flames ,

Take a kettle , put grinded pumpkin in a kettle add oil and sugar in it mix it well , stirr it continuously for 5 to 8 minutes until it's water clearly dry and pumpkin leaving oil on kettle sides , your pumpkin pie halva recipe is ready…