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1/2 cup all purpose flour1 cup white sugar2 fresh eggs1/2 cup butter1/2 cup peanut1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 cup chocolate chips1 cup fresh cream1/2 teaspoon salt


In a medium size bowl beat eggs and sugar with the help of electric beater and make a smooth mixture of it. After its add cream [8]in it and beat well.

In another bowl put all purpose flour and salt and mix it well in eggs and cream mixture. Now add vanilla extract and butter in it. And stir it well until it becomes a smooth mixture without having any lumps. It should be like a loaf of bread / dough [6]neither so thin nor so thick.

Now your mixture is ready so roll this and make small sizes of dough. Now on these small sizes dough spread chocolate chips and peanut chips on it [1]

When its done put these raw cookies tray in preheated oven for baking around 10 to 15 minutes. But one thing always remember that when you are baking you…

Gajar ka halwa

gajar ka halwa

A delicious recipe of gajar ka halwa is very easy to cook and rich in many nutrients which are some of them control the coldness , fearness in our body etc,  it is occasionally cooked in winter season because carrots are easily available in market in winter season in all over Pakistan , so here i will share gajar ka halwa recipe which is milkmade but without of khoya ,

Ingredients :

Carrot 1 kg
condensed milk powder 2 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
2 cup water

Method :

Cut (carrots) gajar in to small thin pieces with the help of cutter or slicer , now take a kettle put 2 cup of water in it , leave these gajar to boil for 40 minutes on medium heat,

After 40 minutes carrot water will half dry now mix water in condensed milk to dissolve it and add milk , sugar in carrots now cook gajar halwa on full heat , cook it well by adding milk after 5 to 8 minutes until water will dry but stir continuously,

Your milkmade easy recipe of gajar halwa is ready for party or breakfast , enjoy it in b…

How to make carrot kheer at home

Carrot kheer recipe

Ingredients of making carrot kheer at home

Carrot 1 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Condensed milk powder 1/2 cup
1 cup water
Crushed pistachios
Crushed almond

Method of making carrot kheer

First of all cut fresh carrot in small size of pieces with the help of sharp knife, after cutting carrot in small cubes now put these carrot cubes in electric blender and blend until smooth now take a separate bowl put in water and condensed milk and dissolve it,

Note: you can also use liquid milk instead of using skimmed milk but liquid milk should be almost thick because if your milk will thin then it takes a time to soak carrot while boiling, so use of condensed milk is better in making carrot kheer because i make carrot kheer by using condensed milk and its take almost 8 to 10 minutes in making carrot kheer,

Now switch on stove flame take a kettle put in milk, sugar, crushed pistachio, crushed almond, and crushed carrot in it, let it come to boil but remember one thing stir continuously bec…