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1/2 cup all purpose flour1 cup white sugar2 fresh eggs1/2 cup butter1/2 cup peanut1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 cup chocolate chips1 cup fresh cream1/2 teaspoon salt


In a medium size bowl beat eggs and sugar with the help of electric beater and make a smooth mixture of it. After its add cream [8]in it and beat well.

In another bowl put all purpose flour and salt and mix it well in eggs and cream mixture. Now add vanilla extract and butter in it. And stir it well until it becomes a smooth mixture without having any lumps. It should be like a loaf of bread / dough [6]neither so thin nor so thick.

Now your mixture is ready so roll this and make small sizes of dough. Now on these small sizes dough spread chocolate chips and peanut chips on it [1]

When its done put these raw cookies tray in preheated oven for baking around 10 to 15 minutes. But one thing always remember that when you are baking you…

Tomatoes sour pakora recipe

Tomatoes sour pakora recipe

When i go for picnic or outside then i make tomatoes sour pakora and there is no need of chatni or achaar because it taste is so bitter and you can loneless eat it without added any spices so let's start our recipes

Ingredients of tomatoes sour pakora recipe


1 large sized Tomato
1 tbsp gram flour
2 or 3 tbsp oil for frying
4 tsp water
Salt for taste
1/2 tsp red chilli powder

Method of making tomato sour pakora recipe


Cut tomatoe in round shape , take a bowl put garam flour , salt , red chilli powder and water in it mix it well and make a paste of it neither thin nor thick it should be midst ,

Now switch on stove flame take a fry pan put in oil and heat after it now time to frying so now one by one left one tomato slice dip in garam flour mixture and put it in heated oil,

When all tomatoes sour pakora are frying then you can eat these bitter tomato pakora in else or with hot chapati ,

Your hot sour tomato pakora recipe is ready now te…

How to make chicken cheese pakora

Chicken cheese pakora recipe

How to make chicken cheese pakora recipe

Ingredients of making chicken cheese pakora 

Besan/garm floor 1/2 cupSalt 1 teaspoonRed chilli powder 1 teaspoonCoriander powder 1/2 teaspoonBoneless chicken 1 cupCheese 2 teaspoonGreen chillies 2 or 3Onion 1 medium sizeTomato 1 large sizedOil for fryingWater as required for mixing

Method of making chicken cheese pakora

First of all cut chicken in cubes after cleaning chicken now mince this chicken in mincer machine or chopper now take a bowl put in minced chicken garam floor and all dry ingredients

After adding dry ingredients now put in crushed onion tomato green chillies you can use electric mixer to make tomato onion and green chillies in smooth form alike chatni paste

Now add this smooth onion tomato mixer bowl in chicken and garm floor bowl and also add cheese in it

Now you put in all ingredients its time to mix these all dry and other ingredients so you can use spoon to mix it or by using your hand pressure mix …